When the clock struck 12 and 13

Daily Prompt: Stroke of Midnight

It’s officially January 2 in my timezone, and after a very busy first day of the year, I’m in front of my handy dandy laptop telling my story.

I said goodbye to 2012 and welcomed 2013 on the roof of our third floor garden.

But first, let me paint you a picture of the setting of my story.

The fourth floor of our house used to be open to the starry sky, one could just lay there and stare at the stars for hours.  However, my dad decided to build a fence around it and a roof over it for security reasons two or three years ago. Before this, we usually spent New Year’s Eve up there, enjoying the 360 view and watching the sky light up as our neighbors and people from how many kilometers away set their fireworks up into the sky to celebrate the coming of the year. Although we can still enjoy the view, even with the security feature of our house, just wasn’t the same. I couldn’t look up anymore, I can’t lie down to look and the stars anymore.

On the top landing of the staircase to the fourth floor, there’s this small space, it was a couple of feet long and a couple of inches wide, it was a direct access to the roof of our third floor garden and the fourth floor, however, the path was blocked by around nine plants. I have no idea what they’re called but the had thick stems with thorns and blooms small flowers with bright colours.

As my dad had already set off our fireworks, I decided to go to the fourth floor of our house to take photos of the fireworks. It was 15 minutes to midnight so I had time to set up and take pictures before enjoying the view when the sky lights up at exactly midnight. Unfortunately for me, the roof above my head was blocking some of my shots. Then I remembered that before my dad had the roof built, I used to lie down on the garden’s roof  as it was connected to a small ledge on the fourth floor, it was my favourite spot whenever I wanted to go star gazing. So I looked and thought that I could get a couple of good shots there since the bars would not block my view of the fireworks.

But to my right, there was a swarm of thorny plants that are too heavy for me to lift and seemed determined not to let me pass. The only way to my favourite spot was to walk on a ledge a couple of inches wide which was a couple of feet long. As I am scared of heights and a vision of me slipping and falling on our roof to the ground played on my head – courtesy of the monsters in my head – I was a bit hesitant of what I was about to do. Determined to get the best seat in the house, or on the roof in this case, I secured my camera, hopped on to the ledge, and kept a firm grip on the bars my dad had build for security purposes, for my life. I had no intention on injuring myself or falling to my demise on that night.

My heart was pounding as I was making my way to my spot. More scenarios were playing in my head, like a rough firework might hit me or something. Though I was being extremely paranoid, I continued until I got to the roof. After taking a bunch of shots, I put my camera down and just enjoyed the view. The sky was lighting up like crazy, “I guess it’s already midnight,” I thought and just enjoyed the moment. There I was, welcoming 2013 on the roof. It wasn’t exactly the best and most beautiful place to be in on a night like that, but it was exactly where I wanted to be.

2012 was a tough year for me. It was a battle between me and a couple of monsters that I thought I’d never have to face. Although it was hard, I did have a blast and have learned a lot from it. 2012 made me stronger, however, I was still too scared to take chances and take risks for something I love doing. I’m too scared of getting hurt and failing. I’m still healing from a couple of wounds and have no intention on adding some anytime soon. I had to make a couple of hard decisions and I’ve fallen flat on the ground a number of times. It was hard but I have definitely learned a lot. Then, it was about to end and a new chapter was about to begin. The year was about to end, and I’m still standing.

To be on that roof, after climbing that tiny ledge, watching the sky light up, was a great feeling. I mean, there I was, enjoying something after doing something I was afraid of. I saw what the monsters in my head wanted me to see, that if I take a risk, I’ll fall and fail. Being on that roof meant more to me than just being on a roof, because I won’t have been there  if I listened to the monsters in my head that I’d fall and get hurt if I did it. I mean, I was careful but I did take a risk. I had faith that nothing will go wrong. I experienced something new.

So here’s to a new year. A fresh start. A clean slate as others have put it.

Here’s to new adventures. To taking risks. To doing something we love. To enjoying and living in the moment.

As for my shots, I’m happy with how they turned out. I found that I still need more practice on shooting fireworks before I can get that shot I have in my head, that “perfect shot” if you will but I’m still happy with the ones I got. Some of my shots turned out wonderfully and they sort of look more like strange underwater creatures and bouquets of flowers rather that fireworks, but I’m happy with them. I’ll post them soon, I have to sleep first.

So that’s my story :)

I pray that this would be a fruitful year, not only for me and the people I love, but to you as well.

Good night from my timezone.

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